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In memory of Darryl Kile (1968-2002). A talented Tucson Toro pitcher in 1989-90,92 & 95. He died suddenly on June 22, 2002.

Toros pictured still playing in the bigs are Travis Lee, a Toro in 1997 now with the Washington Nationals, Craig Biggio, a Toro in 1988 now with the Houston Astros, Kenny Lofton, a Toro in 1991 now with the Indians, Billy Wagner, a Toro in 1995-96 now with the Mets, Luis Gonzalez, a Toro in 1992, now a Los Angeles Dodger (did not have a Toros card of Gonzo as he only played 13 games with the Toros, so I had to use an Osceola one) and Curt Schilling, a Toro in 1991 is now a Boston Red Sox. Other Toro photos are located in the photo album, the link is to the left.
Toros photo link to the leftToros photo link to the left

Darryl Kile 1990

Travis Lee 1997

Billy Wagner 1995

Kile 1990

Craig Biggio 1988

Luis Gonzalez Osceola Astros

Darryl Kile & Barry Lyons 1992

Kenny Lofton 1991

Curt Schilling 1991